Cleaning the heat equipment — boilers, coils, pipes.

Our company offers two technologies for cleaning of heat transfer equipment, coils for heating oil and formation water, in agreement with the client.

Each technology works effectively by it self, but also complement each other, saving time and improving the quality of cleaning.

Chemical cleaning.

chemical cleaning

Our company uses technology that do not require disassembling coils for heating oil, produced water, plate heat exchangers and beams.

The technology uses the properties of proppants environmentally friendly water-based products that are "sprayed" inside the pipe, coil heat exchangers.

Particular combination of surfactants allows cleaners to get under the deepest layer of any kind of contamination. Then the active ingredients of cleaners envelop microparticles of sediment, separate from each other and from the inner surface.

Produced loosening of the attached sludge, corrosion products, organic and other deposits.


Multifunction systems of integrated cleaning UCO "Bucha" (УКО "БУЧА") cleans complex effects with the use of well-known and original technologies, including acoustic (ultrasonic), hydrodynamic and chemical exposure.

UCO Butcha

Due to the combined effect, the set allows soften scale, disjoining solid stable lime and oil deposits process deposits, dirt and take out of the system.

Quality cleaning of heat exchangers, oil heating furnaces and formation water, increasing the heat transfer surface, which increases the efficiency of the heat exchanger by 30-40% and also reduces the risk of local narrowing of the channel and the formation of traffic jams.


Cleaning is done without removing the valves. With this type of treatment, does not required additional crimping of cleaned nodes. Which significantly reduces downtime and equipment is immediately entered into the workflow of all engineering systems. As the capacity for detergent, used a special mobile capacity on the basis of a motor vehicle.

With the continuous circulation of the aqueous solution with the help of hydroimpulse activator, the set sends the ultrasonic pulse to clean, which processing loose deposits from the walls of the heat exchanger system. The unique technology allows to adjust the amount of momentum, and to select the optimal mode of operation for each object.


Chemical cleaning of power and industrial equipment without disassembling are made by using technical detergents of Scientific Production Company "TECHNOBIOR" (НПП "ТЕХНОБИОР"). A preparation for cleaning in each case is selected on the basis of the quantity and composition of the deposits, cleaning conditions and the type and features of the equipment.

"TECHNOBIOR" detergents are water-based, fire, and explosion safe, biodegradable with an inhibitory effect.

Scientific Production Company "Technobior" has been successfully working more than a year with the Aktau combine LLP MAEK "KazAtomProm" (ТОО МАЭК "КазАтомПром"). In the words of our colleagues in the face of a leading chemical engineer of MAEK Valentina Andreeva, "Technobior" detergent successfully cope with the tasks of cleaning of heat transfer equipment and assemblies from persistent deposits.


The main advantages of hydromechanical cleaning of ovens: